By David Rice @davidjrice83

Following one of several bad results for Liverpool this season, I walked away from the TV and muttered “fuck this.”

My wife, sitting in the next room, asked “fuck what?”

I thought about how to respond for a moment, looked at my work computer barraged with missed messages about inane project details and minor mistakes, an article on it detailing the events of yet another police shooting while behind my wife was a screen where we were tabulating an unreasonably hefty tax bill. There was only one answer I could provide…. *gesturing broadly* “This. …

By @davidjrice83

All good things…

That’s what it’s been for so long. In a period where time seems to blur while living our lives isolated from the people and things we love most, it’s only natural many of us slipped deeper into the habit of using Liverpool for escapism. It was the most tempting thing in many ways. Because for the last three years, it has been as good as it can be.

Maybe that’s why this seems so difficult to accept the current situation for many of us, because in this moment where it almost feels like we need…

Typically, I hate the sort of chat that goes into calling a game or even a couple of games “season defining.” Usually, it’s poor logic, exaggerative or just the media attempting to drum up enthusiasm for a match or run of matches such as the festive period. But for Liverpool, there is a legitimate feeling that the next run of games may in fact be season defining.

It’s not unusual for a match against Manchester United to feel important. It is always a big occasion, it is always filled with vitriol and the potential for red cards. But this one…

There hasn’t been much to feel good about in the world for some time now. If it’s not this god forsaken pandemic, it’s our country’s continuing inability to address issues of racism or alter our toxic political environment.

You go on any social platform and more often than not, the negativity drowns out anything to feel good about. Liverpool has more often than not been the exception to that rule since 2018 and for us, being around each other has long been a refuge from the winds of disgrace that blow strong through our time.

This week, there has been…

by David Rice

In three years on the books at Liverpool, Marko Grujic hasn’t seen much of Anfield as he’s spent most of his time elsewhere. A successful loan spell at Cardiff City in which the team won promotion to the Premier League saw interest in purchasing him from the Welsh side.

The Reds weren’t going to budge on a player they signed only one summer before, instead handing him his next opportunity, a loan spell at Hertha Berlin where he could get regular game time. He did, making 22 appearances and scoring five goals in 18/19. …

by David Rice

I’ve just done a show with the other fellas around football on TV, around fans in stadiums and on the general state of the world. Depressing as that may be we all have to come to grips with things in our own way, and maybe this is us, mostly me, trying to come to grips with our realities.

Such is the nature of the world at the moment that any time you feel something good, you ultimately have to deal with a yin to that yang. Happy to see people out and about doing things again? Sorry…

By David Rice @davidjrice83

Things will change. It’s the nature of the world. Liverpool are champions for the first time in 30 years and that is a change that was not welcomed by rival fans, but it’s one they have to get used to.

Eventually, Liverpool will not be champions, someone else will be once again. But for the next six months at least, that isn’t a reality we have to face. The reality we have to face now is much different. Any time you do something historic for the first time in three decades, the period of time which…

By David Rice

I’ve been quiet lately. More quiet than a loudmouth like me would ever prefer.

Such is the nature of the current situation that there simply isn’t a lot to say much of the time. You sit in your house and eat, work, read, eat, try to go out and see the sun, eat again, maybe have a few drinks and then…. Probably eat again.

While we’re all sitting around getting fat and watching the world go to shit, the only tastes of watching Liverpool play football we get are in replays of old matches and people playing…

By Andy Wilde @AndyWilde22

In April 2019 I travelled to New York with my wife for a short break to celebrate her 30th birthday. While I was there Liverpool faced Porto at Anfield, beating them by 2 goals on course to lifting Number 6.

I went to The Irish American Pub, a fantastic bar not far from One World Trade Centre and while there, got talking to some local Liverpool fans. Their stories fascinated me — how they became Reds and how they consumed their twice weekly dose of Jurgen’s magnificent men. …

By @davidrice83

I’m a big fan of things coming full circle.

You start down a road, a journey, and you think, where is this going? What are we doing? When we absolutely launched Manchester City out of the Champions League quarterfinals in 2018, we knew we were at the start of something special. We knew what this team was capable of suddenly, that this run could take us to the heights we’d been dreaming of.

And so far it has. We won number six and we’re destined to finally end the 30 year wait for a nineteenth league title. We’ve…

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